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Discover how war shapes lives at Imperial War Museum London. Explore six floors of galleries and displays, including a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Holocaust and a changing programme of special temporary exhibitions. Chronicling the history of conflict from the First World War to the present day, the Museum's vast Collections range from tanks and aircraft to photographs and personal letters as well as films, sound recordings and some of the twentieth century's best-known paintings. With a daily programme of family activities, film screenings, special talks and lectures, the Museum offers a variety of events.

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Imperial War Museum 2021 Event Schedule
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Imperial War Museum Office

  • Address: Lambeth Road, London
  • Postcode: SE1 6HZ
  • Phone: 020 7416 5320
  • URL: www.iwm.org.uk

Business Hours

  • Opening times: Open daily (except 24, 25 and 26 December) 10.00am - 6.00pm.

Imperial War Museum

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April's Historic South East

In April 1968 London Bridge was sold to Robert P. McCulloch. Then disassembled, and reassembled in Mohave County, Arizona..Archive SOUTHEASTAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK